DIY Landlording

Evictions 101 

Flagship Property Management is here to provide you with a FREE step by step guide to evictions. Of course, with a professional property manager, none of this will be your responsibility. Whether you are trying to better understand the eviction process or you are self managing a property, follow along in our Evictions 101 guide to better understand how you play a role in the eviction process. Flagship Property Management is a full service property management company built for investors, by an investor. If you are in the Eastern North Carolina area, specifically between Goldsboro, NC and Greenville, NC, we would love to speak with your about Goldsboro Property Management or Rosewood Property Management! In addition, we specialize in Stoney Creek Property ManagementNew Hope Property ManagementElroy Property ManagementWalnut Creek Property ManagementMar-Mac Property Management,and  Brogden Property Management.

If you have any questions about the eviction process, please consult a lawyer for more specifics or visit your county specific courthouse for additional information.